The Order: 1886

Chapter I Chapter III & IV

Chapter I: Always a Knight (Mayfair)

I took over this chapter from another designer halfway through its development when it was largely an empty block-out. I scrapped half of it, re-designed the combat scripting and completely re-designed the second half to support a Lycan combat encounter and chase. Similar to the duties I had with “Whitechapel”, I was responsible for managing production of the level.

 Chapter III: Equalities & Chapter IV: Endless Battle (Whitechapel)

This chapter defined the first-playable and vertical slice of our new IP. As such, my design duties extended to defining level metrics across the game, as well as early traversal and AI design. Starting from a top down sketch, I built the block-out for the entire chapter (except the hospital), worked closely with scripters and system designers to implement gameplay from my designs, designed cinematic sequences, worked with the AI team to problem solve behaviors, and coordinated resources across all disciplines to finish the chapter on time.