Single player game designer with rare multidisciplinary skill set – capable of taking visionary experiences from prototype to final product.


  • Scripting:
    • Gameplay scripting using C-style languages
    • Python for Maya. Beginner in Maya API
    • Experience with vector math
  • Level layout and design
  • Beginner in CG animation, experienced in hand-drawn
  • Environment Art
  • Storyboards
  • Traditional Art

Work Experience

Infinity Ward: “Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare”

Game Designer – May 2015 to Present

  • Designer assigned to the levels that take place on the Retribution, the space ship that the player returns to between missions
  • Originally hired as a builder, I quickly taught myself the scripting language and was responsible for various systems and cinematic sequences that took place in these sections of the game:
    • VR Firing Range – An in-game firing range that fictionally takes place in virtual reality
      • I created the original prototype, scripted the entire experience, and crafted the geometry layouts
      • I also collaborated closely with Vicarious Visions, the studio responsible for the art. I created first-pass art and vfx, as well as provided solutions for technical art issues
    • Most Wanted Cards
      • Pitched, prototyped, designed, implemented, and created lots of the art for the Most Wanted system
      • Inspired by the Iraq most wanted playing cards, these cards created an incentive for players to choose optional missions and eliminate special targets
    • Operations Map – The holographic galaxy map in the center of the bridge where players would choose their next mission
      • I was given 2 weeks before E3 to create the holographic presentation from the ground up
      • Created the art, animation, and 1st pass effects for all the various states of the Operations Map
      • Managed the full-screen version where you choose your next mission
      • Similar to the VR Firing range, I coordinated additional art with Vicarious Visions
    • Progression, cinematics, bug fixing
      • Responsible for various elements of scripting player progression/unlocks, designing animation sequences, and towards the end of production was the primary designer responsible for bug fixes across all Retribution levels
Ready At Dawn: “The Order: 1886”

Level Designer – April 2012 to April 2015

    • Level designer for Chapter I: Always a Knight.  I took over this chapter from another designer halfway through its development when it was largely an empty block-out. I scrapped half of it, re-designed the combat scripting and completely re-designed the second half to support a Lycan combat encounter and chase. Similar to the duties I had with “Whitechapel”, I was responsible for managing production of the level.
    • Level designer for Chapters III & IV. This chapter defined the first-playable and vertical slice of our new IP. As such, my design duties extended to defining level metrics across the game, as well as early traversal and AI design. Starting from a top down sketch, I built the block-out for the entire chapter (except the hospital), worked closely with scripters and system designers to implement gameplay from my designs, designed cinematic sequences, worked with the AI team to problem solve behaviors, and coordinated resources across all disciplines to finish the chapter on time.
id Software: “Doom 4” | “Rage” DLC

Level Designer – June 2010 to April 2012

    • Level designer for “Slime Well” section of the “Rage” DLC. I was responsible for just the layout and geometry as I only had two months to complete my work.
    • Level designer for Doom 4 Multiplayer. Pitched original map concepts and developed existing ones into playable levels. Responsible for initial top-down layout sketch, block-out and final art geometry, lighting, basic logic, and then iteration of the maps based on playtest feedback.
Walt Disney Feature Animation

2D Animation Apprentice – Sept 2008 to March 2009

Performed hand-drawn animation tests under the mentorship of Andreas Deja

James Baxter Animation

Animation Intern – Summer 2007

Completed hand-drawn animation test of the character “Baloo,” under the guidance of James Baxter

Infinity Ward: “Call of Duty 2” | “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare”

Art Intern – Summer 2006

Modeled and textured environment props for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Art Intern – Summer 2004

Converted, implemented and provided clean-up of old animations from the original Call Of Duty video game to the Call of Duty 2 engine. Also modeled a British Universal Carrier tank.


California Institute of the Arts

BFA, Character Animation – 2004 to 2008

LA Academy of Figurative Art

Figure Drawing and Head Sculpting – 2003

Pasadena Art Center, College of Design

High School Program for Figure Drawing, Oil Painting and Animal Sketching – 2002 to 2004